Composer and pianist, I graduated with honours from the Conservatory of Music in Genova, Italy, obtaining a Master's degree and specializing in piano interpretation with Professor Gisella Dapueto. Later I carried out extensive studies of composition, instrumentation and orchestration.

The composition now occupies most of my artistic energies: I public compositions, I create music for theatre, I participate to composing competitions, and I cooperate with a movie maker in Genova for some projects.
Still active the cooperation with Cristiano Alberghini ( and with the Recording Studio Seven Floor still in Bologna (
After several experiences as a pianist, I finally devoted entirely myself to composition. As a pianist, I have experience both as a soloist with classical and modern repertoire, and with chamber music groups. I've also grown jazz and blues repertoire collaborating with musicians with different backgrounds.

With regard to the composition, my interests relate mainly to classical music, contaminated with other genre sounds. In this regard, starting from Ravel, Mussorgsky, Bartòk, Stravinsky, I have drawn inspiration from artist like Claude Bolling, Gunther Schuller, Erwin Schulhoff, Borislav Martinu. Actually, my style is far away from them, but I like their ideas to put together the “classical” way of writing music and using “classical” instruments, and apply to different styles and context. I am very interested to poly-rhythm, which affects my compositions. In particular, I like to study the rhythms of Brazilian, Slavic, and African music.

As publications, I have some instrumental CDs recorded with classical and jazz formations and symphonic orchestra.
Because of my job, I visited many countries from China to the United States, Africa and Brazil, and this gave to me the opportunity to get to know people, different cultures and sensitivities, with particular attention to the music of course. Often, in fact I played and collaborated with local artists with particular interest to the sounds, styles, musical genres of the various places I visited.
This is one of the reasons why I present a repertoire that selects pieces for solo piano written by composers from all the five continents. The purpose of the program is to interpret and explore different sounds and rhythms, away from the usual repertoire, highlighting the versatility and flexibility of the instrument, capable of expressing musical cultures to which piano is unrelated.
I chose to consider only authors whose career has established in the second half of the ‘800 to the present day, trying to exploit artists that are not yet sufficiently covered in the piano repertoire.
I like to highlight the influences of jazz and popular music in the so called classical style, as well as mixing exotic sounds from Asia or Africa, where the piano was, for example, interpreted as a percussion instrument, tuned on 88 different keys.
'Vagando con i passi che ho' This collection has to do with the trip. The pieces wander, in fact, moving, between different genres, ranging from the classical to jazz, going to ‘blues and crossing pop, singing in different languages ​​to deepen communication. In the pieces presented, the variety is highlighted not only by the melodic and harmonic content, but also by the rhythmic and instrumental point of view. Each piece uses different instrument and timbre and has its own particular color.

'Regina' Instrumental pieces for different camera formations: a Toccata for Piano, a Sonata for Flute and Clarinet, a Sonata for string quartet, one for quintet. And a collection of pieces for soprano and piano, inspired by lyrics from some poems (e.g. Petrarca, Walt Whitman, P.B. Shelley) This project is in collaboration with the great soprano Mirella Divita.

'Panta Rei' A Collection of pieces for Symphonic Orchestra in contemporary-classic style, from which I am extracting some music for a thriller movie (an on going project with the movie maker Marco Bracco) and music for a Comedy in the theatre
Year Competitions Pieces
2018 RMN Classical, England Winner for the piano piece "Momentanea Pazzia", from "Note di Viaggio" album
2017 Opus Dissonus, Brasile Honorable Mention for the piano piece "Impressione da una danza", from "Regina" album
2017 Assocazione Ravel, Bergamo Finalist with the piece "Piccola sonata inquieta" for String quartet, from"Regina" album
2016 Assocazione Ravel, Bergamo Semifinalist, among the best composer for Italy, with the piece "Zefiri" for Flute and Clarinet, from "Regina" album
2016 Film Music Competition, Novara Finalist for the pieces "Assenza" and "Avanzi di banda e orchestra", from "Viaggiando ... "
2015 Assocazione Ravel, Bergamo Menzione speciale for the piece "La nudità del vento", for small orchestra
2014 Inertia Magazine, New York Publish on the magazine of the piece "Avanzi di banda e orchestra", from "Viaggiando ..." album"